I am going to eat this house down one column at a time. Trust me, this little desert of mine will cost dad hundreds to get repaired.

I learned the more I chew, the more my dad buys me toys. I have him trained well.

Mmmm Maui Jims are much better than Costa Del Mar. I think I made my dad cry. #sentfromprison

I love white house black market, I just wish their shoes were a bit more durable.

There was a bbq this weekend. I came home to find some beef ribs and corn in the Cobb in the trash. Humans are so wasteful! Still tasted good to me!

Those sunglasses never looked good on daddy in the first place, but they sure were yummy

Daddy just up and left me for Atlanta out of nowhere.  Have not seen him since Monday Morning.  I am going to Chew something as redemption.  Any ideas?  Let me know what you reccomend!

This is a draft letter I am going to send to Coach.. What do you think?

But dad, I want to drive!

Darn I am just so cute.